Barkov doesn’t want anyone to celebrate his empty-net goal!

That made for an awkward yet funny moment on the ice!

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The Florida Panthers are playing trouble-makers in the last stretch of the season as their hopes to make the playoffs have faded but the competitive nature of the players is still kicking in. 

On Thursday night, the Panthers beat the Arizona Coyotes 4-2 and captain Aleksander Barkov recorded two goals in the game. 

He however was not very proud of his second tally as he reluctantly scored in an empty net. He made sure to let his teammates know he didn’t want to celebrate it. 

Here is the play, courtesy of

The Panthers commentators noted that Barkov does not like to score in an empty net. While it did seal the win for his team, the captain just wanted to get back to the bench and finish the contest. 

Barkov has not recorded 34 goals this season, a career high for the young forward. However, he prefers beating a goalie.