Barry Trotz gives ridiculous assessment of his team's situation after Game 2

Uh... right, Barry. Right...

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Don't look now but the New York Islanders are in some serious trouble. 

The defensive first Islanders are down 2-0 in their best of seven Eastern Conference Final to the Tampa Bay Lightning after being outscored 10-3 in the series' first two games. 10-3... not good...

But If you were ask Isles head coach Barry Trotz for his assessment on the series so far, he wouldn't quite see things that way. In Trotz's mind, this series is close to "flipping" in the Islanders' favour.

Check it out:

Um... I don't know about that, Barry.

I mean, the Islanders looked a lot better in Game 2 and looked to be on the verge of an overtime before Nikita Kucherov ripped out their hearts with 8 seconds remaining. But the fact of the matter is that the Isles are down 2-0 and the Lightning look like they're just rounding into form. Assuming Brayden Point is healthy enough to go for Game 3, you have to imagine that the Isles are beginning to feel the pressure. Lose Game 3 and it's a wrap, baby.

Maybe I'm completely out to lunch and Trotz is right, after all he knows a Hell of a lot more about hockey than I do, but I'm not so sure I share Trotz's perspective. Prove me wrong, Barry. Prove me wrong. I'd love nothing more than to see a hard fought, seven game series.