Bauer releases design of new helmets with full face-guard protection

Will this be used in the NHL when the league returns to action?

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With the NFL throwing around prototypes for a full face-guard shield, you knew it was only a mattter of time before the NHL came out with something similar. Enter Bauer Hockey, one of the largest and most historic hockey manufacturers.

Having already modified its production line in order to manufacture protective visors for doctors and medical professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bauer is now creating prototypes for NHL players to test before they'll become widely available in August.

Check it out:

It's certainly not the sexiest look around... but if it gets the players back on the ice and it keeps everyone healthy, I'm all for it. 

Some details from Bauer:

ON-ICE PROTECTIONCONCEPT 3 SPLASH GUARD with the BAUER Concept 3 player face mask to provide additional splash protection, while allowing the player to focus on their game. This new product is designed to enhance coverage around the mouth and maintain a high level of vision and breathability. The BAUER Concept 3 Splash Guard is scheduled to be available at authorized BAUER retail locations and in August. 
Guard can also be cleaned and disinfected for re-use bauer integrated cap shield, and concept 3 splash .

Bauer is world famous for its skates, sticks, protective gear and goalie gear, but it’s also the largest manufacturer of hockey visors in the world. The transition to medical visors is truly remarkable though.

Check it out:

Kudos to Bauer Hockey for stepping up in a big way while their usual means of production have been halted. Talk about innovation.