Bauer snubs one of its superstar!

Details inside.

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Bauer Hockey is the biggest hockey company right now.

From Skates to sticks and bags, Bauer makes everything that rhymes with hockey.

The new Supreme 1S stick will be available on January 22nd at most retail stores. Each sticks has a different flex and a different pattern, which are usually named after NHL superstar.

HockeyFeed learned that Bauer has deleted Patrick Kane's name off the new Bauer sticks with the P88 pattern ( the blade curve associated in the past with Patrick Kane). Multiple managers have confirmed this information.

We tried to reach Bauer Hockey's public relation team in Montreal, but they have not comeback to us. The question we asked was pretty simple: Does Kane's name off retail sticks with the P88 pattern because of the sexual assault allegations against him this Summer?

The logical assumption would be that Bauer is slowing trying to move away from Kane, like Nike did with Tiger Woods around the time of the golfer's sexual scandal.

We are still waiting for an official statement.

More details to come.