Beaulieu drops gloves to defend Carey Price and drops his opponent as well!

That's how you stick up for your star goalie!

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This isn't the first meeting between these two and this isn't the first time it turns out poorly for Cedric Paquette.

Paquette took one too many pokes at Montreal Canadiens superstar Carey Price on Thursday night, and Habs defenseman Nathan Beaulieu was having none of it, and he made sure he let Paquette know just that. After some very brief shoving both men dropped the gloves, a decision that Paquette would quickly come to regret.

While Beaulieu's first punch missed the mark, there was no doubt the second blow connected, and it not only connected it also buckled the knees of Paquette sending him crashing to the ice, where Beaulieu showed no mercy, continuing to rain down punches until NHL officials stepped in to pull him off.

He even let his goalie know he has his back with a quick little wink after the beat down.