Beaulieu Snaps Back At Head Coach Michel Therrien

Nathan Beaulieu isn't having any of what Michel Therrien is rumoured to have said.

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In light of recent rumours surrounding the Montreal Canadiens, one player is clearly not having any of what head coach Michel Therrien reportedly said regarding captain Max Pacioretty.


French radio stations in Montreal have alleged that Therrien called Pacioretty the “worst captain in franchise history” at the coach’s annual charity golf tournament. According to sources, up to 8 different witnesses were present when those comments were made.


Nathan Beaulieu decided to take matters into his own hands and let the Twitter universe know what he really thinks:



Whether we’ll ever find out if the comments were true or not, it speaks volumes about how a young veteran like Beaulieu feels towards the captain the players voted in as their unequivocal leader.