Beer league playing geologist rushes to Flyers-Wings game as emergency backup!

The poor guy might not be ready for this...

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The night did not start off on the right for the Detroit Red Wings, who visited the Flyers in Philadelphia for a tilt. 

Veteran goalie Jimmy Howard, who has been the main reason why the Wings are competing  a playoff spot this season, was not able to play after his back seized up before the game against the Flyers at Wells Fargo Center. His backup Jonathan Bernier got the start in between the pipes, however, someone was needed to come and be his backup since Howard wasn't even able to dress and sit on the bench for the contest. 

The game started and the Wings needed to use Philadelphia’s emergency goaltender as backup — standard protocol for visiting teams when one of its own goaltenders cannot be recalled in time. 

Justin Kowalkoski, a geologist by day, is now serving as Jonathan Bernier's backup. When the contest first started, he was still rushing to make it to the arena. The geologist at Roux Company, who currently playing beer league two or three times a week dressed last season as Pittsburgh's backup, but did not see any game action. 

Kowalkoski has decided to sport number 30 on his jersey tonight: Chris Osgood's old number.

The 32-year-old played at Colgate from 2004 to 2008. 

It remains to be seen if Kowalkoski will see some action tonight. If he does, he can encourage himself with the fact that he is not the only one playing his first NHL game in net. Carter Hart had his NHL debut tonight. Hart is the sixth goalie to start a game for the Flyers this season, but his minor-league success has given hope to a fanbase who remains disappointed with the talent in between the pipes in Philly. 

Let's see what happens!