Beer leaguer throws a temper tantrum, chucks pucks on the ice in protest

The refs toss him and this guy acts like a spoiled brat!

Published 5 months ago
Beer leaguer throws a temper tantrum, chucks pucks on the ice in protest
The Morning Skate

If you've played beer league hockey for any length of time you know that just about every team has some guy on its roster who is a bit, shall we say, too invested in the game.

You know the type. The guy who's playing for an NHL contract despite the fact that it's 9:45pm on a Tuesday evening and no one's in the crowd except for some lonely girlfriend on her phone and the zamboni guy waiting to wrap up his work for the evening. Still, despite the fact that there's nothing on the line and that we're all just here to get some exercise and handle the puck for a bit there's always at least one hard ass who ruins things for everyone. 

Well... today we happen to have a perfect example of just such a guy.

Check it out:

Really, buddy?

That's your protest?

Emptying the puck bucket for your teammates to clean up for you. Good one, you really showed everyone what a big, tough man you are...

In all seriousness, I'm sure this guy feels like a clown for his behavior. The fact of the matter is that we can all get a little heated even during a mean-nothing beer league game, but you gotta check yourself at all times. In my experience it only takes one instance like this where you end up making yourself look like a completely donkey to never do it again. I know I've been guilty of saying some pretty stupid things to the officials and making myself look like a complete idiot out there, but once you reflect on things and you realize that you're only casting your team and your teammates in a bad light well then chances are it doesn't happen again.

Personally, I can remember getting tossed from a game and then trying to smash my stick on the boards on the way out. Let's just say that sticks don't break like they used to... even on the fourth or fifth attempt. Imagine a grown man trying to smash a stick, failing and then skating off the ice with his tail between his legs... welcome to my life.