Behind the scenes of incredible hockey-themed lingerie line

FINALLY! A lingerie line for hockey fans.


If you’re like me and you missed this incredible hockey-themed lingerie line released by Reckless Wolf back in 2014… well you’re in for a treat.

The UK based lingerie label who is known for edgy and out of the box promotional ideas released their Ice Hockey line back in 2014 and… well we’ll Wreckless Wolf’s photoshoot do the talking:

Wreckless Wolf also released a video trailer for the line, as well.

Check it out:

And here’s the thing… Wreckless Wolf owner Jade Little isn’t just using hockey to sell undies. She’s a legit fan.

“The concept came about due to my love of hockey,” Jade Little, the brand’s founder and designer, told “After living near Boston for a year I went to many Bruins games and got hooked. Then I met my partner, who is a (Montreal) Canadiens fan. Game night is always interesting here.”

“I think hockey has a lot of the same characteristics that Reckless Wolf embodies,” she added. “The danger element, the fast-paced excitement, but also a great contrast between the hardened players and the softer seductive side of the girls in lingerie.” 

As for the photoshoot, Little didn’t have much difficulty finding local guys to hit the ice.

“We put a call out for guys that wanted to be in this kind of shoot and we had a great response,” Little said. “Girls in lingerie seemed to sway them to be involved.”

Just putting this out there… if you’re interesting in a reboot, Jade… I’ve got my skates sharpened and my stick taped. Name the place and time and I’ll be there.