Bettman announces a new huge gambling partnership as sports betting continues to take over the NHL

Bettman announces a new huge gambling partnership as sports betting continues to take over the NHL

Enough already! This is ruining the NHL!



The NHL and BetMGM have announced that they've extended their partnership, which reportedly will be the largest gambling partnership in hockey history.

“Our partnership extension with the NHL is a winner. It enables us to enhance the BetMGM product and offer our fans unforgettable experiences built around the game they love,” said BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt. “The NHL is more thrilling than ever – a symphony of athleticism, teamwork, and skill on skates. We look forward to bringing our customers exceptional live experiences and delighting with new in-app content for BetMGM."

As part of the agreement, BetMGM will receive "significant branding" on the NHL's broadcasts during conventional commercial breaks, but also on "Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards" and "Virtual on-ice ads".

In other words, get used to seeing EVEN MORE gambling ads during NHL broadcasts in the future. I know that may be hard to believe given the sheer volume of gamblings ads that are currently shown during NHL hockey games, but apparently the league can cram even more down our throats now.

“We are thrilled about our partnership extension with BetMGM,” said Jason Jazayeri, NHL Vice President, Business Development. “The evolution of our partnership with BetMGM will focus on building unique and compelling fan experiences, as well as event activation and media programming all with an eye towards delivering exciting new ways for our fans to interact and engage with the sport they love.”

Please... there are no real hockey fans out there excited about "unique and compelling experiences" with a sports bookie. Give me a break...

Nevertheless, Gary Bettman and the NHL continue to push even deeper into the problematic world of sports gambling. They're signing new agreements every day it seems, even while they suspend their own players for legally gambling. Talk about hypocrisy...

Let me remind you that this is the same league and the same commissioner who actually argued AGAINST sports gambling in front of politicians less than a decade ago.

Earlier this month Sports Business Insider Darren Rovell took the opportunity to expose the commissioner for his hypocritical take on sports gambling. Less than a decade ago Bettman was at the forefront of protests AGAINST gambling in the NHL, now the NHL is a wasteland of gambling advertisements and partnerships. You can't even watch a game without being bombarded by companies like MGMGrand and FanDuel.

More from Rovell:

Surprise... surprise... Mr. Bettman and the NHL bowing down to the almighty dollar. 

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