Bettman takes jab at Canadian market during Knights' home opener!

Can you believe it?!

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If you ask any Quebec media member of Quebec Nordiques fans, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman added injury to insult on Tuesday night. Bettman attended the Vegas Golden Knights' home opener in Sin City to see the everything in action in his new League market. 

On his way to the T-Mobile arena, Bettman was caught signing his name on a Nordiques t-shirt, that a fan had brought to the game. 

As you can tell by the face of the fan holding up the jersey, he is less than impressed. Several media outlets from Quebec City questionned the move, wondering why Bettman would sign former NHL club merchandise after the team was moved to Denver in a very controversial transaction. 

The Journal de Quebec reporter Stephane Cadorette, who took the famous picture, wrote : "Believe it or not, Bettman just signed this t-shirt" (translated from French.)

We see it... can you believe it?