Bickell scores in shootout during last game battling MS.

You will tear up for sure.

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Some stories make you feel so good whichever team your cheer for. Bryan Bickell's retirement from hockey comes a bit earlier than expected due to a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis earlier this year. However, he decided to play a few games at the end of this season and leave the NHL proudly. 

Of course, everyone is touched by his story, but his career finale was just perfect. With the score tied 3-3 after an overtime period against the Flyers, coach Peters sent Bickell to take the first shot. See the result here. 

How sweet is this? You can see his team was totally flipping out following his goal and everyone in the arena was cheering loudly. This goal helped the Hurricanes to win their last game of the year on an awesome note. 

Be strong fighting MS Bryan, we all cheer for you!