Big bad defenseman highly likely to be traded.

Every Cup contender could use a guy like this.

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He's big, he can hit, he's won a championship, and he can play and both ends of the ice, he's exactly the kind of player every GM of a contending team wants to add to his roster at the trade deadline, and it's starting to look like he might be available.

Hockey insider Bob McKenzie was a guest on TSN's 1040 Radio in vancouver on Thursday and he indicated that the belief around the NHL is that Dustin Byfuglien will be available for a trade.

“The feeling is that at some point, Byfuglien is going to become available," said McKenzie as per Nichols on Hockey. "And all the more reason why he would is if the Winnipeg Jets continue to languish at the bottom of the division and not in the playoff picture."

The Jets have a number of free agents they need to worry about, including talented young defenseman Jacob Trouba as well as team captain Andrew Ladd, and there's a belief that Byfuglien will be looking for a big deal.

“I think the minimum number of years Byfuglien would take on a deal right now is five. And at five, I think he’d be looking for $7 million or more a year. And they’ve got Jacob Trouba to make a deal for.

You can bet there will be a large number of teams looking to add a piece this valuable.