Big trade rumors as 11 teams including Las Vegas have scouts at a single game.

Even Las Vegas is on location scouting.

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There are some big trade rumors floating around after no less than 11 teams had scouts at a single game, including the Las Vegas organization which doesn't even have a team yet.

A report from's Adam Kimelman has revealed that there was a huge scouting presence at the match up between Philadelphia Flyers and the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday night, both of these teams have been involved in their own trade rumors.

As far as the Ottawa Senators are concerned, it's been made very public that the team is currently shopping their goaltender Andrew "Hamburgler" Hammond, although considering some of the teams involved here there may be more that they are currently discussing as many of them aren't looking for a goaltender.

On the Philadelphia Flyers' end of things there have been rumors that both defenseman Michael Del Zotto, a 26-year-old former first round draft pick, and 38-year-old veteran Mark Streit, are currently being shopped to determine their value. Both men are scheduled to be free agents at the end of the season, and it seems far more likely that these are the players being scouted by the majority of the teams who showed up to the game.

The full list of teams who had scouts on hand are as follows:

Montreal Canadiens

Pittsburgh Penguins

Columbus Blue Jackets

Boston Bruins

Calgary Flames

Dallas Stars

Florida Panthers

St. Louis Blues

New Jersey Devils

Detroit Red Wings

and of course Las Vegas (insert name here)