Big update on Marc Andre Fleury's mysterious injury.

Good news for the Golden Knights.

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The timing of this could not be better for the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

According to a breaking news report from Las Vegas Golden Knights insider Jesse Granger of The Athletic, there was an extremely positive sign for the Golden Knights on Monday when injured goaltender Marc Andre Fleury was spotted back in goal, taking reps with his teammates and facing shots in his net. 

Fleury of course has been sidelined for quite some time now as the result of a mysterious lower body injury that coincided with the birth of his new baby. I must admit that at first, given how little information we had regarding the nature of Fleury's injury, I had thought that the Golden Knights were merely giving him some extra time to spend with his family, but given the length of time that Fleury has missed now I no longer believe that to be the case at all. Given the mysterious nature of Fleury's injury it has been very difficult to gauge when the veteran goaltender would be back, and with the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs drawing so near there has been concern that Fleury could potentially still remain sideliend.

Needless to say the idea of going with backup goaltender Malcolm Subban over a full 7 game series is likely not a promising prospect for fans of the Golden Knights, but now it looks like that will not be the case. Now Fleury facing shots in practice does not mean that he is ready to make an immediate return to the line up, but with several days remaining until the Golden Knights face off against the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs it seems rather likely that Fleury would be ready to go come Game 1 of that series. 

That is of course only speculation at this time, but be sure to stay tuned and we will be bringing you the latest official developments regarding the status of Fleury as they become available. Additionally you can get a very brief look at some of the work Fleury was doing at practice with his teammates on Monday thanks to a short video that has been provided by Granger.