Big update on the trade rumors involving Wayne Simmonds.

Big update on the rumors surround the Flyers forward.

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There have been rumors picking up steam this week regarding a potential trade of Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds, and they have been loud enough that Simmonds himself commented on the possibility of a trade.

While the rumors have largely linked Simmonds to a potential trade with the Canadiens he downplayed that talk, pointing to the fact that he has continuously been linked to that market merely due to the fact that he has family that lives in the city.

It appears that Simmonds assessment of the situation was correct as now one of the top insiders in the Montreal market, TVA Sports' Renaud Lavoie has come out and poured water all over those rumors.

In a brief 10 minute interview with TVA Lavoie stated flatly that not only would Simmonds not be traded to the Habs, but that the Flyers had no intention of trading him at all as they battle for a playoff spot.

This is one rumor you can put to bed.