Big update on Zetterberg's knee injury.

Update on Henrik Zetterberg's injured knee.

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The Detroit Red Wings' fanbase was not only deprived of an opportunity to watch Henrik Zetterberg play in the World Cup of Hockey when it was revealed he had been sidelined by an off-ice injury, but there was concern about what condition he would be in come the regular season.

On Monday the team provided an update from the captain himself, revealing through their social media platform that Henrik Zetterberg has stated he expects to be 100% come the start of the National Hockey League's regular season. 

However that frankly remains to be seen, as the Red Wings also revealed today that the injury remains serious enough of a concern that Zetterberg has still not been cleared to participate in training camp. 

Obviously a significant injury would limit his ability to skate although the Red Wings have been fairly quiet when it comes to details about the injury, with Zetterberg only revealing that he tweaked it during a routine workout. Hopefully his confidence in a speedy recovery is well founded.