Bill Daly provides an update on the investigation into Evander Kane.

The Deputy Commissioner shares the latest.


The National Hockey League season is set to kick off with a major development, one way or another.

No doubt like me, many of you have been waiting to hear from the NHL's front office on the topic of the rather outrageous accusations leveled against long time NHL veteran Evander Kane. Kane has been accused by Anna Kane, his wife, of match fixing, a practice in which a player deliberately alters their play in order to impact the outcome of a game for betting purposes. Those accusations immediately drew the attention of the league due to the fact that, according to the accusations made by Anna Kane, the games Kane would have fixed would have been at the NHL level.

The fact that the accusations come from the mother of Kane's child lends them a level of credibility that all but forced the league's hand when it comes to investigating the matter, although it is important to remember that they remain nothing but accusations at this time. Fans eagerly awaiting on an answer from the NHL may not have to wait much longer however, with deputy commissioner Bill Daly recently revealing that he expects the findings of that investigation to be revealed in short order.

"It's ongoing," said Daly on the 32 Thoughts Podcast. "I understand that most of the legwork behind that investigation has been done, and most of the interviews have been completed. I do expect a report before the start of veteran's training camp which is the 22nd. I do expect a report in the short term and we will make decision based on what we see in that report."

This means that Daly expects that by Wednesday of this coming week that he will have a report on his desk, although whether or not the NHL takes action by that date could very much depend on the contents of the report. If the league does produce any evidence that supports the allegations made by Anna Kane it will almost certainly mean the end of Evander Kane's career in the NHL, something that would be catastrophic given the massive amount of financial debt he has accumulated. Even worse for the talented forward however is that the authorities could become involved should it be revealed that he did indeed fix games in the NHL.