Binnington does it again, referee has to separate him and Talbot as period ends

Let 'em go, ref! Goalie scrap!


Remember earlier this season when St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington made an absolute fool of himself after getting pulled from a game against the San Jose Sharks? The man they call "Binner" went after three Sharks players before Sharks goaltender Devan Dubnyk shut him up with a stiff right hand on his way off the ice.

Remember this?

Well, Binner is back up to his old tricks again. While heading off the ice after the 2nd period tonight against the Minnesota Wild, Binnington must have said something to Wild netminder Cam Talbot because Talbot clearly took exception with Binnington. In fact, a ref had to get in between the two to ensure there was no funny business.

Check it out:

This guy... who do you think you are, Ron Hextall?