Binnington goes after Clifford and huge scrum ensues!

​Even the goalie wanted a piece of him!

Binnington goes after Clifford and huge scrum ensues!

The St. Louis Blues are a team that sticks together, even through the bad times. There was another proof of it on Thursday night as they faced the Los Angeles Kings. 

During the second period of action, Kings tough guy Kyle Clifford ran over and tripped Ivan Barbashev in front of the Blues’ net. The play came to a halt and goalie Jordan Binnington came out to have a few words with Clifford. 

As the netminder got closer, many people on the ice feared he would take a shot at the Kings forward. Even Clifford did, pushing the goalie back. And then, you guessed it, a huge scrum ensues as Binnington looked on with a grin. 

Check it out: 

It might have been a turning point for the Blues, who were behind 2-1 at that moment. In the end, the defending Stanley Cup champions tied the game up during Clifford’s interference penalty on Barbashev and went on to win the game 5-2. 

Things a team can achieve when it sticks together.