Bitter, Wayne Simmonds takes a shot at the Maple Leafs.

Bitter, Wayne Simmonds takes a shot at the Maple Leafs.

Former Toronto Maple Leafs Wayne Simmonds had some less than flattering words for his former team.

Jonathan Larivee

Former Toronto Maple Leafs forward Wayne Simmonds doesn't sound too happy about the way things played out for him during his tenure with his hometown team.

The native of Scarborough, Ontario recently sat down with Joshua Clipperton of the Canadian Press to discuss a variety of topics, including his former team. During his exchange Simmonds attempted to be positive about his tenure in Toronto but very clearly let the mask slip, showing a more bitter side of the veteran National Hockey League forward.

"Nice to be able to play at home," said Simmonds when asked about his time with the Leafs. "From the playing aspect, it wasn't what I hoped ... I'm still grateful to the organization for allowing me to put on the Maple Leaf. That's an iconic jersey. It's something that I'll never forget."

That all sounds well and good, but when the topic shifted to current Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Ryan Reaves the bitterness was once again evident from Simmonds. This time however, it was much more obvious that Simmonds felt he was not given a fair shot in a Maple Leafs uniform.

"A little bit of a tough time at the beginning of the season, but I don't think he got too many opportunities to actually be able to do what he can do," said Simmonds of Reaves. "That's just me knowing how it happened for me. Feel like it's going much of the same for him."

It is an unfortunate reality that Father Time always wins in the world of professional sports, with no athlete able to remain at their pinnacle forever, and that can at times be difficult for some to come to terms with.