Biznasty calls out the Golden Knights' cap shenanigans.

Biznasty calls out the Golden Knights' cap shenanigans.

Former NHL player Paul 'Biznasty' Bissonnette shared his thoughts on some of the tactics employed by the Vegas Golden Knights.

Jonathan Larivee

The Vegas Golden Knights have been the targets of much criticism as of late after making some big additions at the deadline that would normally have pushed them over the National Hockey League's salary cap limit. In this case however the Golden Knights, as many teams have begun to do around the NHL in recent years, have avoided going over the cap thanks to some creative use of long-term injured reserve.

Not everyone is happy with the tactics being employed by the Golden Knights however, feeling that it damages the competitive integrity and balance of the game, and it would seem as though you can count former NHLer Paul 'Biznasty' Bissonnette among that group.

On Sunday, Bissonnette went on a bit of a rant during TNT's broadcast of NHL games, with Bissonnette openly questioning why this was being allowed.

"I think the question is how do they add these guys?" asked Bissonnette. "The LTIR special."

Although Bissonnette wouldn't go so far as to question the legitimacy of the injury to Golden Knights captain Mark Stone, he did wonder about how it would be perceived if Stone were to return early in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

"If Stone comes back Game 1, what are you saying if you're another franchise that might have to play these guys Game 1?" asked Bissonnette. "If he comes back Game 1 do you not feel like there's a repetitive nature here?"

Bissonnette's concerns also seemed to be about the competitive integrity of the playoffs under these circumstances.

"But if Game 1 Stone's back and everybody's back, they are playing with a roster that's 10 million dollars over the cap," said Bissonnette.

The former NHLer ended it off by pleading his case to the people at home.

"I'm not saying Stone doesn't have a legitimate injury, but if he comes back Game 1 it just looks extremely suspicious," said Bissonnette. "Am I crazy here? Help me out you people at home! Am I crazy? Does this not look suspicious?"

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