Blackhawks devastated by terrible tragedy over the weekend.
Chicago Blackhawks  

Blackhawks devastated by terrible tragedy over the weekend.

The Blackhawks laid an egg on Friday night, but it comes as no surprise given the circumstances.

Jonathan Larivee

The Chicago Blackhawks did not play well at all on Friday night, but that very well may have been due to the giant weight that every player in that locker room was carrying around on that night.

On Saturday, the Saskatoon Blades announced that former Blades alumni Larry Korchinski, father of Chicago Blackhawks rookie Kevin Korchinski, had passed away at the young age of just 59 years old.

Losing a father is a devastating blow to any young man and Kevin Korchinski was no exception, taking an extended leave of absence from the team as a result of his father's deteriorating condition and eventual passing. On Saturday, the entire Blackhawks organization showed tremendous class when they diverted the team's private jet to Saskatoon where the entire roster attended Larry Korchinski's funeral.

No doubt this weighed heavily on the minds of the players on the ice on Friday night, and no doubt it is a weight that many will carry into today's game as well. Blackhawks veteran Connor Murphy was one of those in attendance and is entirely focused on supporting his teammate and his family at this time.

"It's unimaginable what him and his family are going through," said Murphy. "We were really fortunate to be with them there yesterday. For us to get closer and for them to feel our love, that we're there for them, is most important."

Luke Richardson also commented on the situation, making it clear that he would give Kevin Korchinski all the time he needed to deal with this terrible tragedy.

"It's still fresh for the family, and it's good for him to be there," said Richardson. "We're ready to help him out when he gets back here."