Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson addresses Corey Perry and Connor Bedard rumors
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Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson addresses Corey Perry and Connor Bedard rumors

This is crazy!



Veteran NHL forward Corey Perry is on waivers today with the Chicago Blackhawks announcing that if he clears waivers, he'll have his contract terminated by the club for "engaging in conduct that is unacceptable and in violation of... policies intended to promote professional and safe work environments."

From the team:


It's clear that Perry messed up LARGE. No details yet on what exactly transpired, though.What we do know is that last week Perry left the Blackhawks due to what the team is calling an 'organizational decision'.

Today GM Kyle Davidson met with the media and stated that Perry's contract termination has nothing to do with rumors concerning Perry and Connor Bedard's mother Melanie Bedard.

Check it out:

Earlier this week on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter there was a hot rumor making the rounds that Perry actually hooked up with Melanie Bedard, mother of Blackhawks superstar rookie Connor Bedard.

Some hot takes from Twitter:

Blackhawks insider Charlie Roumelioutis though, squashed the rumor saying that it's 100% false.

Check it out:

And today NHL insider Frank Seravalli squashed the rumor in no uncertain terms, calling it, "fucking bullshit."

From Seravalli:

"The stuff that's been floating around about Corey Perry and one of his teammates' mothers is fucking bullshit. And I think it's ridiculous that this is something that was perpetuated on social media. It is so far from the truth and so unfair."

"Connor Bedard... he was raised right. His parents are really polite, proper people. There's zero chance that something like this would happen and yet it will stick with him for a long time."

- Frank Seravalli

Together with today's report from GM Davidson should prove pretty conclusively that nothing happened between Perry and Melanie Bedard.

Source: Chicago Blackhawks