Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson addresses Corey Perry mystery.

Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson addresses Corey Perry mystery.

The general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks spoke to the media on Saturday to address the elephant in the room.

Jonathan Larivee

The mystery surrounding the status of veteran National Hockey League Corey Perry in Chicago has captured the minds and attention of many fans around the league. Perry has seemingly vanished from the Blackhawks roster without any explanation forthcoming as to why this may have occurred, but the Blackhawks have finally broken the wall of silence.

On Saturday, Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson spoke to the media for the first time regarding Perry's mysterious disappearance and unsurprisingly he was very light on details. What we did learn from Davidson however was that Perry won't be back any time soon, with Davidson revealing that Perry is gone "for the foreseeable future."

We also know that this isn't the case of Perry giving up on his team or taking a leave of absence for personal reasons, with Davidson also revealing that this has been a team decision. That is to say, Perry's absence is not voluntary but one that has been mandated by the Chicago Blackhawks themselves.

If anything Davidson's answers today only raise even more questions about what exactly is going on with Perry, with more details likely forthcoming in the coming days.

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