Blackhawks release a sneak peek at their new “reverse retro” jerseys.

The Blackhawks release a teaser.

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The Chicago Blackhawks and several other teams in the National Hockey League have just released their first preview at a brand new jersey that will be featured during the 2020 - 2021 NHL regular season.

Given all the rumors we have been hearing about the NHL gearing up for training camps and the eventual start of the season it makes sense that we are seeing these sneak peeks come out as teams will be looking to cash in big time on these jersey sales once the season comes out. To be clear I'm not criticizing the NHL at all for going in this direction, the league has to find creative ways to cover the losses they suffered and are still suffering as a result of the pandemic and these "reverse retro" jerseys as they have been called look amazing thus far.

Thus far I have liked what I have seen from the teams that have given us a preview and this latest preview from the Blackhawks is no exception. The Blackhawks released 3 photos on Saturday which show the collar, the sleeve, and the Adidas crest on the back of the jersey that would rest above the nameplate, and based on those I think the jersey's primary color is going to be black.

The reaction thus far from the Blackhawks fans has been overwhelmingly positive, and in fact I think the only negative comment I have seen in response to this sneak peek today has been from the fan of an opposing team. 

Let us know your thoughts on this new look in the comments below.