Blackhawks reveal new lineup without Bedard and Foligno.

Blackhawks reveal new lineup without Bedard and Foligno.

The Chicago Blackhawks are misssing the majority of their forwards and have put together a patchwork team.

Jonathan Larivee

The Chicago Blackhawks have been decimated by injuries this season and last week they lost two additional forwards when both Nick Foligno and Connor Bedard went down during a game against the New Jersey Devils.

This has left the Blackhawks in a catastrophic situation where they must put together a patchwork roster of players, something they did on Sunday ahead of taking on the Calgary Flames, revealing a new look lineup created out of necessity.

One of the most notable things at a glance looking at today's lineup is the fact that Jason Dickinson, who started the season on the 4th line, has worked his way all the way up to the top line due both to the injuries as well as his excellent play thus far this season.

You'll also notice only 2 players on the 4th line, the Blackhawks are rolling with 11 forwards and 7th defensemen today out of necessity due to the sheer number of forwards they have sidelined due to injury.

Katchouk-Seney-R. Johnson