Blackhawks star Duncan Keith swings his stick at another player's face.

A disgraceful cheap shot from Duncan Keith.

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To say that Duncan Keith has had an amazing National Hockey League career thus far would be a massive understatement, but on Tuesday night the Blackhawks star defenseman hit one of the low points of his career.

The Blackhawks were facing the Wild on Tuesday night, and for those who don't know it's become one of the more intense rivalries in the Western Conference over the past few seasons, and Keith let his anger get the better of him. While Keith was down on the ice he swung his stick up and into the face of Minnesota Wild center Charlie Coyle. Coyle was immediately cut open and momentarily stunned by the blow, and while he did look angry he seemed more shocked that Keith would actually do something like that.

It was a disgraceful attack from one of the NHL's best players, one who doesn't have a history of being a cheap player, making the attack all the more shocking. Whatever his reason may have been for acting the way he did, there's really no justification for that kind of cheap shot, and frankly Keith should be ashamed of what he did, hopefully he can use this as a learning experience and bounce back.