Blackhawks vs Blues turns ugly in the first period.

Blackhawks vs Blues turns ugly in the first period.

Things got nasty during the prospects game between the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues.

Jonathan Larivee

The St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks clashed on Saturday night in an exhibition game between the prospects from each organization, and it wasn't long before things turned ugly.

Although it is unclear what led to the rough stuff, we do know that Blues prospect Samuel Bitten was furious on the play and he did his best to take his anger out on Blackhawks prospect Andrew Perrott.

Both men are relatively young players, with Perrott being just 22 years old and Bitten being just 23 years old, and both men are undrafted prospects and likely trying to get noticed in this game.

They certainly got the attention of the fans and other onlookers as they put on a pretty good scrap, with the officials letting them go for a good length of time before eventually stepping in and breaking things up.