Blake Wheeler complains about new job during NHL shutdown

​It’s not an easy time for the veteran player…

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Winnipeg Jets captain Blake Wheeler is struggling during the NHL shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The star forward is not only stuck at home with his family, he had to take on a new job during the pause. 

And that’s becoming a full-time teacher for his children. 

On Tuesday, Wheeler took to Twitter to complain about his new role and letting fans know how hard the NHL shutdown has been on him. He added that he is more tired than he was two weeks ago - when he was a full-time NHL player fighting for a playoff spot! 

You have to admit that this pandemic has taught us to appreciate people around us, and we have to realize that teachers play a huge role in the lives of children. 

We will all be relieved when it is over. 

And Wheeler is one of the first ones in the NHL to admit it!