Bloody scene as Alex Pietrangelo takes 90 mph shot to the head!

Bloody scene as Alex Pietrangelo takes 90 mph shot to the head!

The gash on his head is gnarly. Blood had to be scraped off the ice…



A scary scene took place late on Thursday night in the last moments of the third period of the game between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Sharks in San Jose.

Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, who stood in front of the net on the attack, took a fast shot from teammate Nic Hague square in the head as he skated in front of the crease.

The game stopped immediately and, to everyone’s surprise, Pietrangelo got up on his own power, grabbed a towel to limit the blood loss and skated towards the dressing room.

The ice crew had to come on and scrap the bloody mess before the game got underway again.

Pietrangelo did not return to the game, though there were only minutes left in Vegas’ 4-1 win over San Jose.

While the scene was scary, it was also very impressive to see Pietrangelo take off his helmet and skate off like it was no problem.

Hockey players are a different breed.

Before leaving the game with the gnarly gash on his forehead, Pietrangelo recorded one assist in 19:51 of ice time. He’s added three blocked shots and four shots on goal through two contests this season.

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