Blues veteran goes absolutely wild in Stanley Cup celebration.

He is pounding them back.

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You love to see the guys letting loose after a huge victory. 

The St. Louis Blues are your Stanley Cup Champions and just in case you were wondering if they had any doubt about that fact (we know you didn't) the Blues have been out in full force letting the world know just how thrilled they are about achieving their victory. By all accounts the Blues have not stopped partying since their victory over the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final and on Friday night we got more evidence of that.

In a video published online by St. Louis Blues superfan Gerald Bos who was in attendance for a party that was held at The Wheelhouse in downtown St. Louis on Friday night we were given an inside look at the wild festivities that took place after the first Cup Championship in St. Louis Blues franchise history. The Blues were and their guests were having an awesome time it seems and no one encapsulated that better than St. Louis Blues veteran David Perron who was shown in the video standing on a bear doing his best impression of former World Wrestling Federation star "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Perron can be seen in the video, bare chested, slamming back a beer as he pumps up an already hyped up crowd around him. As if that was not impressive enough of a feat however, Perron then appears to grab a random beer can from the crowd and then proceeds to slam that one back into his body as well. It's an awesome moment and one that is certainly well deserved for David Perron who had to win 16 grueling games to achieve his life's dream, but you have to wonder what kind of condition he might be in for the parade today.