Bob McKenzie comments on fake account that fired the whole Devils coaching staff

​The fake account sent waves across the league!

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The season has just started in the National Hockey League, but fans are already betting on which head coach will get fired first this year. And the heat is on the New Jersey, so much that a fake Twitter account published earlier on Tuesday that the entire coaching staff had been fired. 

So many people believed it was true that even some insiders, like Sportsnet’s Eric Engels got caught. 

This prompted NHL insider Bob McKenzie to comment on the situation during Tuesday’s Insider Trading on TSN

“The heat is also on with the New Jersey Devils. They’ve not been playing well at all. So much so that today there was fake Twitter news that the New Jersey Devils had actually fired head coach John Hynes and his entire staff and it was not true at all. And it’s not something that general manager Ray Shero is considering at this time. So, listen, there have been so many problems with the Devils in the early going. Their goaltending hasn’t been very good. Their D hasn’t been very good. They’ve had injuries up front and, by the way, Nico Hischier is believed to be day-to-day with an injury. So we’ll see how long he’s going to be out, but maybe not that long. At some point maybe Ray Shero is going to have to look to do something to shore up his lineup. But firing the coach at this moment in time is not one of those considerations.”

Some people might want Hynes out of New Jersey, however, we are just a few games into the season. We bet the Devils will have more patience.