Bobby Ryan defends the decision to attack his 22 year old teammate.

Ryan defends the decision to attack a 22 year old prospect.

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By now must of you have heard of the incident that occurred at Ottawa Senators training camp recently, one that left the future of two of their players in doubt.

Senators forward Bobby Ryan has since defended his decision to go after Senators prospect Patrick Sieloff, a 22 year old who is hoping to make an impact in training camp and earn himself a spot on an NHL roster.

Ryan pointed out the fact that Sieloff was effectively a stranger to him, and that stranger had hit and injured someone he has been teammates with for several years, a teammate as we know has a history of head injuries.

"Couldn't live with myself if I didn't go at him," said Ryan.

It's a decision that many will question after all the hit didn't seem malicious and came off more as a move made by a young kid to try and make an impact in camp. Especially if Ryan's reaction hurts Sieloff's chances of making the team now or in the future.

If you missed our earlier reports on this story you can check out the video of the incident below.