Bobby Ryan fired from podcast following controversial tweets

This wasn't Bobby Ryan's best take.



Former NHL forward Bobby Ryan has sparked controversy with a series of tweets seemingly disparaging women's professional sports. Consequently, he has been ousted from the Ottawa-based podcast he was part of.

The "Coming In Hot" podcast wrote the following message on their X (formerly known as Twitter) account earlier today notifying listeners of the change: 

"Earlier this week, Bobby Ryan made comments on social media that do not align with our show or that of our sponsors and partner, The Nation Network. As a result, we have mutually decided to part ways."

Earlier this week, Ryan hit back at analyst Meghan Chayka, who posted her excitement about the recent exciting action in women's basketball, writing: 

"Why does it seem like everyone is watching women's basketball??

Oh because EVERYONE is watching"

Ryan responded: 

"Name 7 players. Not 1. Not 2…5-7.
First and last names…go for it"

He would continue to double down on his statement, even after being called out by several Twitter users.

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Source: Twitter