Bobby Ryan fired over comments about women's sports.

Bobby Ryan fired over comments about women's sports.

Former NHL forward Bobby Ryan landed himself in hot water after controversial comments this week.

Jonathan Larivee

Former National Hockey League forward Bobby Ryan has kicked up quite the controversy.

Ryan garnered a good deal of attention this week when he took to social media to make some disparaging comments about the current state of women's sports and women's athletics in general. Ryan was openly critical of women's sports, but Ryan has always been someone who speaks his mind pretty openly on social media.

Here is a look at his now deleted tweet:

Bobby Ryan fired over comments about women's sports.

Unfortunately for Ryan it would seem that this comment was enough to cost him his current gig on the rather unfortunately named "Comin in Hot" podcast. That announcement was made via the official social media accounts for the podcast, here is a look at that announcement:

Earlier this week, Bobby Ryan made comments on social media that do not align with our show or that of our sponsors and partner, The Nation Network. As a result, we have mutually decided to part ways.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Ryan's comments, I would be remiss if I didn't point out the rather hilarious irony of someone being kicked off of a podcast named "Comin in Hot" for having a take that was a little too spicy.

As someone who covers the sport of hockey I know all too well that hockey players can be very vanilla and will often avoid speaking their minds on any number of topics. While I certainly won't be endorsing Ryan's comments on this topic, the amount of backlash Ryan has faced over those comments will only exacerbate the problem of players giving the most safe and generic answers when faced with questions.