Bobby Ryan tears up as fans chant his name following return from NHLPA Substance Abuse program

Comes back, scores a hat trick, wins the game and gets the crowd on their feet. What a return for Bobby Ryan last night.

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In case you missed it last night, the Ottawa Senators put together a strong performance against the surging Vancouver Canucks, besting them 5-2. The game marked the return of Sens forward Bobby Ryan, who had been out of the team’s lineup since November while he dealt with chronic alcoholism. Ryan received a hero’s welcome from the Sens fans, getting a standing ovation and chants of “Bobby! Bobby! Bobby!” before the game even started.

And then…

Then magic happened. 

Ryan would go on to score not only one, not only two, but THREE goals in his return

The hometown crowd went absolutely BANANAS for Ryan! The crowd drowned out the in-arena sound system chanting, "BOBBY! BOBBY! BOBBY!" over and over and... well... the emotions got to Ryan. Check out this priceless video of him tearing up on the bench and thanking the fans for their reaction:

What a show, thank you Bobby!

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