Bobrovsky pulls dirty move as trade deadline draws closer!

What are the Blue Jackets going to do?!

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The Columbus Blue Jackets may have no other choice but to part with goalie Sergei Bobrovsky ahead of trade deadline, however the Russian netminder isn’t making things easy for them…

Trade chatter hasn’t quiet down since Bobrovsky expressed the desire to test free agency in the summer, and following a rough patch in January - in which he was suspended by the team - it seems less and less likely for the Jackets to convince him to stay in Columbus. 

Many NHL insiders believe the Jackets won’t manage to trade Bobrovsky ahead of the Feb. 25 and that a blockbuster move is more likely to occur in the summer, before he hits the free-agency market, and with the information revealed by Elliotte Friedman in his latest 31 Thoughts on Sportsnet, it makes sense: he has pulled quite the controversial move to refuse to put down on paper his list of teams he would agree to be traded to from his deal’s no-movement clause. The Jackets therefore have no idea with which club they can hold serious talks. 

“Sergei Bobrovsky’s situation is murky. He’s signalled he’s willing to consider certain locations, but there is no indication he’s actually put that down on paper. Writing makes it binding, and there is doubt he wants to lose that leverage. One possibility: an extension in exchange for waiving. It is also believed Columbus made its own recent extension attempt, but things don’t sound optimistic.”

There was talk that the Florida Panthers were interested in moving players in order to create enough room to land Bobrovsky long term. It remains to be seen if the Russian goalie feels enticed to play in Florida with a club that has been struggling for years… 

No one knows cause he won’t put it down on paper…