Body camera video reveals more ugly details of hotel room incident involving Valeri Nichushkin
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Body camera video reveals more ugly details of hotel room incident involving Valeri Nichushkin

Warning: this is quite disturbing. The body camera video has been released to the public:



New details have emerged regarding the terrible story of a drunk woman being found at the hotel with Colorado Avalanche’s Valeri Nichushkin in Seattle earlier in the postseason. Body camera video has been released by Seattle police and shed a light on new horrific details on what the victim went through during the “more than 12 hours” she spent with Nichushkin in his hotel room. This is the footage in question, which is than 40 minute-long and is newly released Seattle Police Department body-camera video.

Warning: it may be disturbing for some people to watch as it shared details of the intervention.

This is an excerpt from the Seattle Times, explaining from the footage and speaking with witnesses what happened that night: 

"The footage shows Avalanche team physician Dr. Bradley Changstrom telling officer Knight in the hotel’s main lobby that the woman, 28, had been found with Nichushkin by team staff at least 90 minutes before a 911 call was made for medical assistance . Changstrom tells Knight on the video that team officials “tried to get them in separate rooms” before Nichushkin left accompanied by the team’s security chief.

“We were trying to get her out of the room,” Changstrom told Knight. “And she was very clearly intoxicated. Very clearly, I could not send her in an Uber due to her safety.”

Changstrom also indicated in the video that he had been with the woman inside the room or standing outside the door for “an hour and a half to two hours” before she was brought to the hotel lobby by team personnel to await first responders’ arrival. Previously released public records stated that it took around five minutes for first responders to arrive after the 911 call was made at 3:20 p.m.

Changstrom added that he could not account for what had happened “the preceding 12 hours before that” and how long the woman had been inside the room with Nichushkin. The Avalanche forward had not attended the team’s morning skate around four hours before the 911 call.

Police did not ask on the video why Changstrom waited so long to make the call or why the woman, who was not a guest at the hotel, had been moved from the room by team personnel if they believed her to be in medical distress.

In the video, an ambulance technician and Changstrom said she was taken on a gurney from the hotel lobby to the ambulance outside but at one point tried to jump off — which led to police being called.

Changstrom said on the video that he and Avalanche security team member Todd Fuller — an active lieutenant in the Denver Police Department — had been with the woman inside the hotel room “trying to get clothes on her” and that she was combative and at one point struck him on the arm.

He added that the woman said she couldn’t find her credit card."

When it comes to Nichushkin, the team doctor informs the officiers that he "is no longer here." As it was revealed earlier when the news came out, first as rumours that the Russian forward had alcohol-related issues, it was said that he left the team hours before Game 3 of a playoff series the Kraken eventually won in seven games.

When Changstrom is asked if any crime was said to have taken place inside the room, he says no. 

When the scary story emerged, it was pointed out that the woman was born in Ukraine but had come to the United States from Russia as a college student, though in the latest body-cam video, "Officer Beecroft, though, appears not to understand her in the video and is later seen telling his partner she could not name her school."

"The woman also insisted multiple times that a man with her inside the hotel had taken her passport, pointing from the ambulance toward the hotel and saying “check the (security) cameras” for proof she was telling the truth. She also repeatedly asked the police officers and ambulance technicians: “How much money” they had been given to take her away from the hotel."

The Seattle Times has attempted to locate the woman but "Attempts to locate her for an interview have been unsuccessful."

This is horrible... You can read the full story on the Seattle Times: 

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