Boko Imama rearranges Tyrel Bauer's face on the ice.

Boko Imama rearranges Tyrel Bauer's face on the ice.

Boko Imama showed no mercy for Tyrel Bauer on Saturday night in a brutal exchange between the two men.

Jonathan Larivee

A tilt between Boko Imama of the Belleville Senators and Tyrel Bauer of the Manitoba Moose produced quite the reaction over the weekend as it is likely going to go down as one of the more brutal fights we will see in 2024.

On Saturday night, as the affiliate teams for the National Hockey League's Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets clashed, things would get heated between Imama and Bauer almost exactly midway through the game. The two men would square off near center ice where they would both drop the gloves and throw down, a decision that Bauer has likely come to regret.

Imama would largely dominate the fight. Bauer, the bigger man, did manage to get in some offense early but once the two men became entangled with one another Imama would take over and begin to land both a higher volume of shots as well as bettter quality shots as well. Bauer did manage to respond with some crisp looking body shots, but much of what he was throwing back at Imama did not seem to connect.

When the two men were finally separated, Bauer's face was a crimson mask having been mangled pretty good by those shots from in close courtesy of Imama.