Boston Bruins release a sneak peek of their “reverse retro” jerseys.

The leaks may have been right.


The National Hockey League and its teams have been slowly releasing teasers of the upcoming "reverse retro" jerseys that we are going to see in the 2021 NHL season, but up until just now the Atlantic division teams had yet to reveal anything. 

We covered the previews from the previous 23 NHL teams over the weekend and even shared some predictions of what those 23 new jerseys might look like, but now it is time for the Atlantic division to shine. 

Right now we're looking at the teaser released by the Bruins, one that would appear to perhaps confirm some of the leaks that we have seen making the rounds on social media over the weekend. 

As was the case with most teams, the Bruins have released a series of 3 images as their teaser. In the first image we see the shoulder patch that they will be using, one that very much matches up with the leaks, and in the following two images we see the collar of the jersey and the Adidas logo that will rest above the nameplate on the back of the jersey. 

Thus far based on these images I think this one is very promising:

Now the leaks that we have seen in regards to the jersey remain unconfirmed but I'm going to share the image with you anyways because it does appear to be very much in line with what we are seeing here. On top of that you can make up your own mind about whether or not you think this jersey will be the one that they officially unveil on Monday.

Here is the leaked image: