Boston Bruins roasted by candy giant for playoff failure

Goodness, that wasn't very...sweet of them.



The Toronto Maple Leafs can finally step aside, because they're no longer a meme. 

That unfortunate reality now belongs to the Boston Bruins, who broke multiple records during a historic 2022-23 regular season that saw them capture the title of winningest team ever with 65 victories. But as they found out, regular season success means absolutely nothing once the postseason begins. 

The Florida Panthers, whom most fans and pundits didn't even think could win a single game against the Bruins, gave new meaning to the term underdog by taking down Boston in a thrilling seven game series (that they originally trailed in three games to one) capped by a Game 7 overtime win. Carter Verhaeghe's snipe past goaltender Jeremy Swayman at 8:35 of the extra session brought an unceremonious and, in the words of commentator Jack Edwards, "Hindenburg-like" ending to what should have been a championship run. 

Meanwhile, the Maple Leafs snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with multiple overtime victories of their own in their Round 1 series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and advanced to Round 2 for the first time since 2004.

And while just about everyone who isn't a fan of the Bruins is having a good laugh at their absolutely bewildering collapse, one major company decided to join in on the fun. The official Twitter account of Skittles had this to say earlier this morning: 

"My weekend wasn't great but at least I didn't choke away a 3-1 playoff lead. Anyways taste the rainbow." 

One particular salty fan decided to respond, prompting an equally savage response from Skittles: 

Great stuff from Skittles! The Bruins earned the embarrassment of blowing a three games to one lead over the team that barely qualified for the playoffs, and they'll have to live with it for the rest of the summer. 

Source: Twitter