Boston reporter grabbed outside of TD Garden after Bruins game

This kind of thing is never okay.



While the Boston Bruins are in the midst of dealing with the fallout from the shocking arrest of forward Milan Lucic following his alleged domestic incident, a reporter was grabbed from behind outside of TD Garden while doing a story on the Bruins this weekend on their game against the rival Montreal Canadiens. 

WHDH 7News reporter Grant Hermes was in the midst of his report when a stranger came up from behind him and grabbed him around the chest while doing an impression of WWE icon Ric Flair after shouting "Yeah boy!

“I’m fine. My photog (sic) is fine. But I wanna be clear how not ok this is,” Hermes posted on social media along with the video. “The people you see on TV are at work, at a job where people make threats at us regularly. So we don’t know when you yell at us, run into our live shots or grab us, we don’t know what you’re there to do."

“I’m glad this guy wasn’t someone with a gun or a knife or who wanted to hurt me or my photographer,” he added. “But the point is there are those people out there. We’ve seen it happen. So the next time you think about getting your 3 seconds of fame at a reporter’s expense. Don’t.”

Needless to say, this kind of thing is never acceptable.

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Source: Twitter