Bounty placed on young defenseman’s head in the OHL!

An investigation is ongoing in this crazy incident.



Kashawn Aitcheson is a 17-year-old defenseman who plays for the Barrie Colts in the OHL, and on Jan. 18, he delivered a hard, but legal, hit to Wolves forward Nathan Villeneuve. No penalty was called on the play, though Aitcheson had to drop the gloves and fight Villeneuve’s teammate Nolan Collins in an ensuing altercation.

This should have been over then, however, both clubs faced off again three days later, and the Colts went on to find out that a bounty was allegedly placed on Aitcheson’s head. Barrie did not dress the young defenseman and now the Ontario Hockey League is investigating the Wolves regarding the accusations.

Prior to the game, word reached the Colts about the possibility of a bounty being placed on Aitcheson’s head and therefore the team did not dress him for the contest against Sudbury.

Report from Sportsnet on the investigation: 

When asked about the alleged bounty, the OHL said it was investigating an incident, but would not comment further as the investigation is ongoing.

This reminded a lot of hockey fans of one of the famous scenes for the legendary Slap Shot movie. One of the quotes from that sequence is : “I’m placing a personal bounty on the head of Tim McCracken.”

It was easy to see how the alleged incident in the OHL is a close reaction of that scene and with the league investigating the accusations, it makes it more real than ever.

On top of that, the Wolves and Colts are set to play again Feb. 28 in Sudbury.

This would need to be resolved prior to that contest, especially for the safety of Aitcheson. This will be important to keep an eye on any update in this case coming from the investigation launched by the OHL.

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