Bouwmeester confirms he won’t play this season, NHL future in doubt

The veteran defenseman talks publicly for the first time since his cardiac episode.

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Earlier today St. Louis Blues defenseman Jay Bouwmeester met with the media, alongside Blues GM Doug Armstrong, for the first time since suffering a cardiac episode earlier this month. 

Firstly, Bouwmeester expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the medical professionals who saves his life and he also thanked the entire hockey community for their support. The big question on everyone’s mind though, “Is this it?” Is Jay Bouwmeester done?

The veteran blueliner confirmed that he’s indeed done for the season and playoffs, but he hasn’t ruled out a return to action next season. Put simply, there’s no need to make a decision right now, so why do it?

Check it out:

Take care of yourself, Jay. If there’s any risk to your health, it’s simply not worth it. With 1240 career NHL games to your credit and a brand new shiny Stanley Cup ring, there’s nothing left to prove. Take care, buddy.