Boyle calls out Abdelkader for being a chicken... by flapping his arms at him.

A graceful flap of the wings from Boyle.

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In one of the more comical moments of the post season Tampa Bay Lightning forward Brian Boyle called out Detroit Red Wings' forward Justin Abdelkader for refusing to fight him by calling him a chicken.

Both Boyle and Abdelkader have played the role of agitator in this series, and when the two men paired up during a scrum at the end of the game, many expected fist to fly. Abdelkader however refused to drop the gloves, and in fact appeared to be showing the official his hand, prompting him to step in between the two men and break up any potential fight. 

It was this action that led to Boyle calling Abdelkader a chicken, something he demonstrated by flapping his arms around in hilarious fashion. If you were simply to watch the video if the incident you might be inclined to agree with Boyle, but it wasn't fear that kept Abdelkader from dropping the gloves. 

"I'm not 100 percent. I had my hand taped up from last game and from previous games," said Abdelkader as per

So was Abdelkader telling the official he was hurt so he would prevent the fight? No. According to Abdelkader he was concerned about the tape on his hand, and the potential penalties he would face if he were to injure or cut Boyle. Under the NHL's Rule 56 any player with tape below the elbow who injures an opposing player will be given an automatic game misconduct.

This could very well indicate that we will in fact see these two men drop the gloves down the line.