Brad Marchand 3 things he plans on putting in the Stanley Cup.

Marchand reveals his plans for the Cup.

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The Boston Bruins are just one day away from the Stanley Cup Final and that means that the players are having to suffer through what is only described as "media day"

Media day is essentially a day in which most, if not all, players on a given roster are made available to reporters so that they can ask their questions ahead of the Stanley Cup Final. The issue with this is that often times non endemic media outlets will come to cover media day and as a result you get players fielding a ton of questions that are not particularly relevant and they are forced to do so in extremely crowded spaces with literally dozens upon dozens of reporters flocking around them.

For some context here's a look at the madness from the perspective of NHL insider Pierre LeBrun earlier today.

Sometimes though media day also results in some silly questions that fans might actually care about and, for me at least, today was one of those days. Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand was unsurprisingly the most popular attraction during media day with a huge number of journalists flocking to him, however it was one of the most basic questions that he fielded that peaked my curiosity. Marchand was simply asked, if he were to win the Stanley Cup once again, what 3 items would he place inside the Cup itself?

Now there's no question that one of these answers will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, and that's because Marchand listed alcohol as one of the items he intends to fill the Cup with. I mean come on who wouldn't want to drink out of hockey's holy grail, I know I sure as hell would take the oppurtunity if given the chance to do so. The other two items however might come as much more of a surprise. 

Marchand said that a baby would be one of those 3 items and there's little question as to the identity of that baby. Marchand is a father now and his beautiful daughter has often been spotted on the sidelines of Bruins games, and I have no doubt that she will get a chance to sit inside the Cup should her father win it. 

Last but not least the strangest item on the list is a breakfast cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch to be exact. My guess is Marchand is simply a big fan.