Brad Marchand brutally trolls the Maple Leafs after Game 7.

Brad Marchand brutally trolls the Maple Leafs after Game 7.

The captain of the Boston Bruins adds insult to injury with a brutal troll after Game 7.

Jonathan Larivee

Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand really knows how to twist the knife.

The notorious Bruins agitator wasn't merely satisfied with sending the Toronto Maple Leafs packing in yet another Game 7 scenario on Saturday night, feeling the need to add insult to injury after his Bruins triumphed in sudden death overtime.

Marchand was interviewed on the ice immediately following the big win, and the very first words out of his mouth during the interview were used to take a shot at a slogan that has been employed by the Maple Leafs and their fans during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Marchand was asked how he had managed to once again defeat the Maple Leafs in a Game 7 situation, he took a direct shot at the #BeLeaf slogan.

"Just [BeLeaf]," said Marchand with a straight face. "We believed in our group all year and that didn't change."

It wasn't all jabs from Marchand who, after praising his own team and his teammates, did take the time to acknowledge his opponents who once again pushed them to the brink.

"They are a hell of team," admitted Marchand. "We knew they were gonna push and they did, they played a hell of a series."

For Marchand's full post game comments, check out the short clip below: