Brad Marchand called out for celebrating after Stanley Cup loss.

Bruins recorded celebrating the loss.

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The Boston Bruins are under fire, but whether or not you think the criticism is warranted will likely depend a great deal on your personal perception.

The Bruins of course were defeated at home in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final by the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues and you would expect that to be a devastating blow to everyone within the Boston Bruins organization. It may very well have been such a blow especially to those who have never before, and still yet to have, tasted Stanley Cup Championship victory  but you would not have guessed it if you had seen what the Bruins were up to following that loss. 

Instead of sitting around and moping over the difficult loss the Bruins were in full on celebration mode as they celebrated another, relatively, successful season. Now it is unclear how Barstool Sports got their hands on footage from inside the Bruins celebration this week but the footage is beyond dispute and Barstool has been quick to frame the celebration in a very negative light indeed. Here's a look at one of the clips they posted, calling it a "BAD look" for the Bruins to be celebrating so soon after losing the Cup to the Blues.

Now I can certainly understand Barstool's perspective here, you want players to be emotionally invested in winning a championship title and celebrating after so monumental a loss makes it look as if they were not. However you also can not blame the Bruins for refusing to dwell on the negative and instead choosing to reward everyone in the organization for what just about any other team would consider an extremely successful NHL campaign. Barstool was able to acquire plenty of video from inside the event however, including a rousing speech from Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask.

The highlight however has to be Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand dancing his butt off at the event that was reportedly held at The Grand Boston, wearing an odd pair of ski goggles. The goggles appear to be Bruins themed no less which makes you wonder where in the hell he would have gotten them in the spur of the moment, perhaps it was something he had planned to wear at the victory parade had it taken place.

Some have been quick to defend the Bruins here, but the majority reaction thus far seems to be negative.