Brad Marchand could get suspended for dangerous hit on Kulikov!

He first had to pay at the hands of Jesper Bratt, but will the NHL make him pay?


It feels like the officials got it wrong again… 

Let’s break it down for you. On Tuesday night, the New Jersey Devils faced the Boston Bruins and Brad Marchand was caught - at least by the cameras - making a very questionable move on Dmitri Kulikov. 

The Bruins’ pest left his feet and launched himself to hit Kulikov in the head. After he hammered the blue liner, Marchand was challenged by Devils’ Jesper Bratt, who did not agree with the hit on his teammate. 

Marchand and Bratt dropped the gloves and fought, and shockingly the Bruins forward was only sent to the penalty box for roughing. 

See the whole sequence here below with footage of the questionable hit here as well: 

Marchand could get a call from the league’s Department of player safety, especially seeing that he is a repeat offender. 

He’s been fined eight times and suspended six times, with his last suspension coming in January 2018. Marchand was voted the “dirtiest” player in the league by fellow NHL players according to a 2020 poll…

Let’s see how George Parros and the league feel about this hit…